At Wharry Engineering, we strive to stay current with developments in structural engineering, architectural design, roof restoration and construction project management. As we aim to provide an all-encompassing range of architectural services with an uncompromising focus on quality, we are required to stay abreast of new methods, tools and approaches. To follow along with us and learn more about the industry, be sure to check here frequently for the latest articles and press releases.

Architectural Design and Roof Design in Kalamazoo, MI and Mesquite, TX


Today’s blog post will focus on the work that we do in architectural design and roof design and how you can maximize your benefit from our services.

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How to: Spot Strong Architectural Design


At Wharry Engineering, we strive to provide the best architectural design services on the market. To us, architectural design isn’t just a job; it’s a passion. There’s a subtle art to architectural design that almost always goes unnoticed even by those who visit the same well-designed building every day.

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Secure Your Business’ Future with Wharry Engineering Architectural Design


“Measure twice, cut once.” This old Russian proverb suits nearly any field, but none quite as well as the fields of structural engineering and architectural design

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Save Thousands of Dollars with Wharry Engineering Roof Design and Consulting


Let’s face it: no one likes having to call a roofer. Like mechanics, surgeons, and lawyers, few people ever call a roofer because something has gone terribly right.

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Springtime Roof Maintenance and Replacement


It’s common knowledge: April showers bring May flowers. It stands to reason, then, that now is the perfect time to get your roof inspected for any potential leaks or damages before the rainy season hits in full.

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Keep Your Roof in Top Shape with Roof Maintenance


One of the most important components of your building is the roof, which protects the interior from the elements while also helping facilitate the flow of water away from your foundation. 

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Get Architectural Design Service for Your Next Construction Project


Wharry Engineering has offices in Battle Creek, MI and Dallas, TX where we can provide excellent architectural design services for projects of all scopes and sizes. 

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Building Renovation Service in Battle Creek


Wharry Engineering offers superior renovation services to bring rundown buildings across the country back up to their original state. 

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Effective Roof Inspection from Wharry Engineering


Your roof is one of the most important components of your home, protecting the structure and the interior from the elements. 

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Read What Our Satisfied Clients Say About Wharry Engineering


Wharry Engineering has been providing clients throughout the Battle Creek, MI and Dallas, TX areas with quality architectural design services since 1978. 

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