At Wharry Engineering, we strive to stay current with developments in structural engineering, architectural design, roof restoration and construction project management. As we aim to provide an all-encompassing range of architectural services with an uncompromising focus on quality, we are required to stay abreast of new methods, tools and approaches. To follow along with us and learn more about the industry, be sure to check here frequently for the latest articles and press releases.

Construction Project Management from Architects and Engineers


In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the benefits of having our team oversee your construction project.

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3 Architectural Design Services from the Premier Dallas Architect


We’re taking today’s blog post to discuss 3 essential architectural design services we perform.

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Roof Design and Engineering: Replace Your Roof Today


In today’s blog post, we’ll be exploring the importance of regular roof inspections, different signs indicating potential roof issues, and why timely action, guided by sound roof design and engineering principles, can save you from major financial stresses down the line.

Tags: roof design, roof inspection

The Vital Role of Forensic Engineering in the Engineering Industry


Today we’re going to be reviewing our forensic engineering services and the importance of forensic engineering in our nation.

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3 Essentials of Construction Project Management

An image of a completed warehouse.

Construction project management is an essential aspect of any construction process. However, it can be unclear what a project manager does to keep everything on track.

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Architectural Design: How Wharry Blends Utility, Creativity, and Reliability


Today, we’ll be discussing how we at Wharry blend utility, creativity, and reliability to turn our client’s dream designs into reality.

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Roofing Inspections: How to Tell if You Need Roof Replacement or Restoration


We’re taking this month’s blog post to discuss how you can perform at-home roof inspections and when you should call in professionals like our team at Wharry.

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Structural Engineering and More: The 4 Services We Offer


In this month’s blog post, we’ll be giving an overview of four different engineering services we offer: civil engineering, structural engineering, forensic engineering, and rehabilitation engineering.

Tags: forensic engineering, structural engineering

Architectural Design for Residential, Industrial, and Government Buildings


To showcase some of the work that we’ve done and the quality of work that we can bring to your projects, we’re taking this month’s blog post to discuss some of the work that we’ve done in conversions, additions, and other structural engineering projects.

Tags: architectural design, forensic engineering, roof design, structural engineering

Architectural Design and Roof Design in Kalamazoo, MI and Mesquite, TX


Today’s blog post will focus on the work that we do in architectural design and roof design and how you can maximize your benefit from our services.

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