The Vital Role of Forensic Engineering in the Engineering Industry


Most people don’t think about structural and architectural engineering in their daily lives. Though, to be honest, that’s probably a good thing. Often times, when your average person thinks about structural engineering, it’s because they’re worried that something has gone wrong or is about to go wrong. Though, the reasons why they might be worried about a structure’s security can often be far removed from a true cause for concern. In reality, the causes of structural failure can be complex and varied, requiring a detailed analysis by a team of professionals. Enter: forensic engineering.

Here at Wharry Engineering, we believe forensic engineering is one of the most important aspects of the engineering field, which is why we offer it to all of our customers. Today we’re going to be reviewing our forensic engineering services and the importance of forensic engineering in our nation.

The Importance of Forensic Engineering

Forensic engineering is the backbone of Wharry Engineering's commitment to precision and safety. Our expertise in this field plays a pivotal role in unraveling the mysteries behind structural failures, ensuring that the causes of structural failures are identified and future designs are fortified. By meticulously examining the causes of structural issues, our goal at Wharry Engineering is not only to rectify immediate concerns, but to contribute to the advancement of engineering knowledge. This dedication to forensic engineering underscores our firm's unwavering commitment to delivering not just functional structures, but ones built on a foundation of comprehensive understanding.

What Do Forensic Engineers Investigate?

At Wharry Engineering, our forensic engineers are detectives in the architectural world, probing into the intricate details that might elude the untrained eye. From assessing the aftermath of natural disasters to scrutinizing construction defects, our experts leave no stone unturned.

Whether it's evaluating the structural integrity of a building or deciphering the nuances of material failures, Wharry Engineering's forensic engineers bring clarity to complex situations. Through our meticulous investigations, we empower clients with insights that pave the way for informed decisions and, ultimately, the creation of structures that stand the test of time.

In the realm of structural engineering, our team’s commitment to forensic engineering is a testament to our dedication to excellence. By unraveling the intricacies of structural challenges, we’re not only able to rectify issues, but contribute to the evolution of best practices in the industry.

If you’re in need of forensic engineering services around Dallas or Southwestern Michigan, our team at Wharry Engineering is here to help. Click here to contact us today for more information.

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