The Value of Having a Professional Architect on a Building Project

Professional Architect

When getting assigned to remodel or construct a new building project, it can be a stressful, overwhelming time. From an initial inspection, along with material choices and code compliance, to selecting contractors and budgeting for the new building, a professional architect at Wharry Engineering can provide helpful, comprehensive solutions to clients’ building problems.


The stress of creating a budget for a building project can be burdensome to many of our clients. For over 40 years, our architects are trained to make sure to consider all the variables to help our clients’ buildings run efficiently and on costs that are decreased over time based on lower maintenance and utility costs.

Predict Problems

Our experienced architects are strived to help you plan for future issues that arise within the building, and ensure that the health of your building is taken care of for the long-term. They want to help you reduce or eliminate future or current impact of these problems.

Modern Code Compliance

At Wharry Engineering, we want your building to stay in code compliance for the years to come. With trained professional architects, they will help you to ensure your building abides by the codes suited to your building. Although code compliance is a tricky process, our architects want to help you through this difficult process.

Our architects have years of experience in areas including structural engineering, architectural design, historical restoration and more. You need a trusted partner to walk you through the process of a building project, regardless of the scope and size. If you need a team of architects that will listen to your needs, ensure compliance, lower long-term costs, and keep your project on track, contact us today to discuss your project and how we can help.

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