Structural Engineering and More: The 4 Services We Offer


Here at Wharry Engineering, we pride ourselves on the wide array of services we offer to our clients. Though, if you’re not already well-acquainted with the different fields of structural engineering, it can feel like a daunting task to figure out which of them is which. That’s why in this month’s blog post, we’ll be giving an overview of four different engineering services we offer: civil engineering, structural engineering, forensic engineering, and rehabilitation engineering.

Civil Engineering

In a nutshell, civil engineering is the practice of designing, constructing, and maintaining buildings and infrastructure. At Wharry, we have a long history of civil engineering services, and have experience in work such as:

  • Site work
  • Basement flooding
  • Residential architecture
  • Landscaping
  • Parking lot design
  • And many more

We also have a long history of working on both smaller projects that require a keen eye and dexterous hand, as well as larger project that call for complex designs and streamlined collaboration. For more information on our history of civil engineering, click here.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is a broad term that denotes the creation of buildings and other, similar structures. Most notably, structural engineers work to ensure that the “bones” of the building are strong and healthy enough to withstand the many strains and difficulties that buildings endure. Here at Wharry, our engineers have a long history of performing structural engineering with many different styles of structure as well as a wide variety of materials, such as timber, concrete, and steel.

Forensic Engineering

Unlike civil and structural engineering, forensic engineering is primarily concerned with how buildings that have already been created are faring, as opposed to working on creating the building, itself.

Forensic engineering is essential to the school of engineering because it works to upkeep and maintain engineering standards for all structural and civil engineers, and helps determine fault if harm comes to property or damage because of an engineering issue.

Rehabilitation Engineering

Rehabilitation engineering is equal parts art and science. As the suggests, rehabilitation engineering’s objective is to restore enhance structures that have suffered damage or have lost their luster over due to the whips and scorns of time. Here at Wharry, we have a storied history of rehabilitation engineering, and even worked in New Orleans to rehabilitate damage caused to buildings by Hurricane Katrina.

Are you interested in contracting the professionals at Wharry Engineering for one of our many engineering services? If so, please reach out to us today to open up a dialogue. We look forward to hearing from you!

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