Roofing Inspections: How to Tell if You Need Roof Replacement or Restoration


With the winter approaching, it’s about to get cold, windy, and hostile to roofs all throughout the United States. With this in mind, we at Wharry Engineering feel it’s important to ask: when was the last time you got your roof checked?

Rain and snow can cause untold damage to your roof if left unchecked. Vulnerabilities in the structure of your roof can quickly lead to water damage due to even small cracks in the roof’s surface. If you’re in an area that’s more likely to get snow instead of rain, you might think you’re safe from water damage until the spring. Unfortunately, this is not the case. As temperatures fluctuate, the snow will melt into water that seeps into your roof and home, then freezes again, causing serious damage.

In the spirit of avoiding these threats to your home, we’re taking this month’s blog post to discuss how you can perform at-home roof inspections and when you should call in professionals like our team at Wharry.

At-Home Roofing Inspections

Certain actions can be taken at home by almost anyone who wants to check in on their roof health. As you might expect, we first recommend a simple visual examination of the roof to see if anything seems off or out of place. While you’re likely already aware of splintering, tearing, or sagging, there are some less well-known red flags to keep an eye out for, too. These red flags are:

  • Animals spending noticeable amounts of time on your roof
  • Piles of leaves accumulating in certain areas
  • Dripping water when it hasn’t recently rained
  • Discoloration of shingles both in patches and across the whole roof

These are relatively easy issues to spot if you know to look out for them. If you can’t get a good angle to view your roof from, we recommend grabbing some binoculars and viewing it from a longer distance away, so you don’t risk harm to yourself or property by getting on too of your building.

Professional Roofing Inspections

If you noticed any of the previous symptoms, or if you have another reason to believe that your roof might be in poor condition, we highly recommend reaching out to us at Wharry Engineering today to have a professional roof inspection performed. We’ll be able to point out strengths and weaknesses in the roof design, itself, as well as offer any roof engineering services you may require.

Winter may be cold and wet, but your home doesn’t have to be. For more information, we invite you to contact us today.

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