Protect Your Investment with Professional Roof Inspection from Wharry Engineering


Your home is the most important investment for you and your family. One of the best things you can do to protect your investment is by having regular roofing inspections performed. Doing this will identify any minor issues that can be easily repaired before they become major, expensive repair or replacement projects. It’s best to do this before winter really settles in, as this is the time of year when the warning signs are most noticeable, like leaks, unusual drafts, and cold air coming through the attic. Because your roof is the top line of defense against the elements, you need to make sure it is always in top condition. The roofing experts at Wharry Engineering are here to help. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, our dedicated professionals will work diligently to inspect your roof and identify any causes for concern. Read further in this post for more details about the process we use when inspecting the roof on your home or business.

It Starts with a Walkthrough

The first thing our roofing inspector will do to get a full understanding of how your roof is performing is to do a complete walkthrough of the building. This may seem like an insignificant step to the process, but our inspectors have years of experience and can identify many issues simply by sight. They will check ceiling, attics, and other areas in which roofing failures are easy to identify.

A Thorough Inspection

Once the walkthrough is complete, we will dive in with a thorough, detailed inspection of your entire roofing system, which includes flashing, chimneys, vents, and the underlying structure of the roof. During this process we are looking to find any and all possible issues, no matter how minor or major, to give a full overview of your roof’s status and how well it is functioning. From there, we will educate you of our findings and discuss any and all necessary steps to keep your roof in good condition.

Don’t Forget the Gutters

One aspect of the roof that many homeowners take for granted is the gutter system, but we will inspect those, as well. If your gutters are obstructed, improperly installed, or in bad shape, not only can it result in moisture getting into your house, but it can also result in water accumulating and flowing near the base of your home, which can lead to foundation damage if the gutter problem isn’t repaired in a timely manner.

We at Wharry Engineering take great pride in providing home and business owners in the area with the absolute best in roofing inspection, maintenance, and repair services. With a comprehensive inspection and dependable solutions, we can prolong the life of your roof while also making sure it does its job to protect the rest of your property. If you need a roof inspection, call the experts at Wharry Engineering today!

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