How to Identify Roof Leaks on Your Property


You may take the overall condition of your roof for granted if you don’t see water dripping as an obvious sign of a leak. However, if you can find and identify leaks before they get that serious, you can minimize the damage and get minor repairs done before they become major projects. It really is a tricky process, but if you work with an experienced roofing company, like Wharry Engineering, you can rest assured that any and all potential issues will be caught and rectified before they become serious problems. Read further for more information about how to find leaks in your roof.

We’ll Find the Hidden Leaks

Not all roof leaks are obvious, which can be troublesome for your business. Without being noticed or serviced, small hidden leaks can cause a lot of damage while growing in size. Not only can the leaks cause physical damage, but the extra moisture can foster the growth of mold and bacteria, which poses a health risk to your employees and clients. Without being properly repaired, the leaks in your roof can damage your roof, resulting in damage to your products or equipment, and eventually cause a complete failure of your roofing system. This is why our experienced professionals will take thorough measures to track the source of the moisture to the exact source where the water is entering your building. We may need to remove ceiling tiles and inspect your ductwork during the inspection process, but we will make sure we find the exact source of the leak.

Plan an Effective Repair Strategy

After you have successfully found your leak, you need to plan the right strategy for fixing it. Not only can the professionals at Wharry Engineering properly fix your reef, but we can also put together an ongoing maintenance program with regularly scheduled inspections to keep any minor issues from evolving into major repair projects. We will make sure that you have a plan in place to keep your roof in top notch condition for years and years, saving you money on costly repair projects.

If you need effective roofing assessment and management, you can count on the experienced professionals at Wharry Engineering. We have a complete understanding of all sorts of major roofing systems to repair issues and avoid roof failure. If you are concerned about the condition of the roof in your business, contact the helpful professionals at Wharry Engineering and let us know how we can assist you.

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