Ensure Your Project Runs Smoothly – and as Planned – with Third-Party Roof Construction Observation

Roof Construction Observation

If you’re installing a new roof, it’s essential that you ensure that the job’s done right by hiring a third-party roof construction observation expert to watch over your project. As a building owner, you likely know what went wrong with the roof that you’re replacing: leaks developed, mold and algae formed, insulation failed, or materials broke down. You’ve also probably looked into ways to prevent these failures from occurring in the future. But… you can’t be everywhere all at once! You can’t run your business and oversee a roofing project. In light of this, you should consider hiring a third-party to watch over the installation of your new roof so that you can be certain that it’s installed correctly, to your specifications, and in a way that will prevent past issues from becoming future problems.

 A third-party roof construction observation expert affords you certainty. You can be certain that everything is going as planned: the right specifications are being followed, the proper materials are being used, and the right procedures used. By watching closely, an observer allows you to be confident that your project’s executors aren’t deviating from your plan or cutting corners that could lead to costly, unexpected issues in the future.

At Wharry Engineering, our roof construction observation services aim to deliver peace of mind. We know how devastating replacing your building’s roof can be. It’s a huge, unanticipated cost and a complex project that can interrupt the productivity of your operation. Our team aims to make things simple: you tell us your goals, you hire your contractors, and we ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you’re planning a new roof installation, we encourage you to contact us today to learn more about the benefits of third-party observation.

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