Building Renovation Service in Battle Creek


Wharry Engineering offers superior renovation services to bring rundown buildings across the country back up to their original state. Whether the building you need renovated has fire damage, flood damage, or just years of accumulated cosmetic damage, our experienced professionals will thoroughly inspect the building, so we can formulate the proper strategy for a renovation with long-term success as the goal. Before we begin the construction, we make sure you have the full analysis, so you know exactly what we intend to do, and why it needs to be done for the renovation to be successful. Today’s post will focus on our renovation process and why you should trust Wharry Engineering to complete your next renovation In Battle Creek, MI or Dallas, TX.

It Starts with the Right Building Materials

If you have a building that is a candidate for renovation, there’s a good chance that it was built decades ago when different materials were used in construction. You can also bet that building codes weren’t anywhere close to what they are today. With nearly 45 years of experience, the professionals at Wharry Engineering will help you navigate the process and choose the best materials to complete the necessary work with a focus on safety without compromising our high standard of quality. We will make every effort to maintain the original components of the building when possible, but making the building structurally sound and safe is always the top priority in our renovation projects.

We Maintain Compliance with All Building Codes

With the ways in which both laws and technology are constantly changing, building codes change just as frequently to accommodate both. The experts at Wharry Engineering stay informed about all of the most recent changes to building codes, allowing us to address any potential issues during the planning phase of the project. This results in a much smoother construction process without any unfortunate setbacks that require time-consuming changes. This results in keeping the project on schedule without going over budget.

We Determine Which Damage is Cosmetic and Which is Structural

One mistake that some people make during renovations is realizing too late that damage they thought was cosmetic in nature is actually more serious structural damage. This is why the pre-planning inspection process is so crucial to the overall success of any renovation project. Without identifying and addressing these structural problems, the building is doomed to fail and could end up costing you a fortune in the long run. Wharry Engineering takes the time to extensively inspect the property to identify all structural damage, making that a priority to ensure the stability of the building.

Wharry Engineering approaches each renovation project with a strict attention to detail so that all structural damage can be corrected to keep your historical building standing strong for years to come. Contact us and let us know about the renovation project you need assistance with.

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