Building Renovation in Battle Creek, MI and Dallas, TX


There are so many wonderful older buildings throughout this country that could be successfully repurposed with a little TLC. If you have a building renovation project in the Battle Creek, MI or Dallas, TX area, you can count on the experienced professionals at Wharry Engineering to complete the work with a high standard of quality to prolong the life of the building and make sure it is structural sound. There are a number of issues that you could potentially face when renovating an older building, like dry rot, flood damage, mold, or simple cosmetic damage. The professionals at Wharry Engineering have performed a number of restorations over the years and can thoroughly inspect the building and identify any issues that need to be rectified to make the building safe for use. We will give you a complete analysis of the work that needs to be done to meet your needs for a successful project. Read further for more information about how Wharry Engineering can help with your building renovation project.

Selection of Proper Building Materials

Most buildings requiring a major restoration were built during different area in which much different materials were used and much different regulations (if any) were in place. You need to take this into consideration for any restoration projects you intend to work on. The experts at Wharry Engineering have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right building materials to complete your project with a high standard of quality and a focus on safety and durability.

Adhere to All Building Codes

Building codes are constantly changing over the years to accommodate with changing laws and technology. Wharry Engineering has kept up on the changes made to building codes and can help you navigate the process of making the changes necessary to comply with all the current codes. This saves you time and money from potentially having to make changes after you complete a lot of work.

Identify the Difference Between Cosmetic and Structural Damage

While there are instances in which you see damage that appears to be superficial cosmetic damage, it is crucial that you have renovation experts thoroughly inspect the structure to confirm that there is no structural damage. Failure to do this will result in the structural damage getting worse and potentially jeopardizing all the work you have already completed on the project.

Historical building renovation requires an intense attention to detail to make sure the project is a complete success. Work with the professionals at Wharry Engineering, who will make sure that your process is sound, so you can get the job done right the first time. Contact us and let us know about the building restoration project you have in mind.

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