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Architectural Services

It is all too easy to assume that a building project will go off without a hitch. Being optimistic, many people simply overlook the complicated logistics, legal wranglings and finer details of constructing a new building. No matter the size of your business – whether a small, local operation or a massive, multi-national conglomerate – the assistance of an architect can prove invaluable in navigating the often complex – and occasionally perilous – combination of zoning laws, contractor relations and building codes involved in designing a building. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a handful of ways that an architect can help you keep your project on schedule, on budget and – most importantly – within the law.

Stay on target

By helping you coordinate your project, an architect can help you maintain the focus that you need to stay true to your vision… without straying from your budget. From working with contractors to implementing revisions, an architect’s input helps you stay on target, ensuring that your project completes on time and to your specifications.

Maximize efficiency

Your building’s long-term efficiency is important to consider during the design and construction phases. Whether you’re looking to cut costs with an energy-efficient design or you need to take full advantage of limited space, an architect can help you streamline and optimize your building.

Avoid issues

The primary function of architectural services is avoid and resolve issues. Whether the issue is small and internal, like adding more usable space, or it’s crucial and external, like adhering to local business codes, the goal of an architect is to ensure that your project proceeds issue-free.

At Wharry Engineering, our goal is to assist our clients by providing valuable architectural, renovation and design services. If you’ve been looking to get the most out of your building project, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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