Welcome to Wharry Engineering’s New Website!

Structural Engineering

If you’re reading this, you’ve undoubtedly notice that we’ve given our old website a stylish renovation. With the aim of providing more information about our services, more details about our past projects and, overall, just creating a more helpful experience, we’ve completely overhauled every aspect of the site.

Most importantly, our site is now 100% mobile responsive. This means that, regardless of the device that you’re reaching us from, all of the pages should automatically adjust to display on your screen’s resolution. In keeping with that, we’ve also made it much easier to contact us directly through our site. This can be accomplished by clicking on our office’s telephone numbers in the pages’ upper right hand corners (on mobile devices) or by visiting our built in contact page.

As one of the area’s most experienced, thorough providers of architectural design services, we’re extremely proud to have a website that properly showcases our work. On every page, you’ll find unique images. These images show our ability to handle tough projects and our dedication to providing the best structural engineering, architecture, roof consulting and construction observation services available.

At Wharry Engineering, we’ve worked tirelessly since our founding to form the industry’s most experienced team and, more importantly, to provide our clients with real, lasting value. Offering a wide range of architecture and engineering experience, we are able to tackle projects that other firms deem impossible. We believe, above all else, that anything is possible if you work with the right people. So, on behalf of the team here, welcome to our new website and we hope to work with you soon!

Photo credit: Wharry Engineering

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