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“Measure twice, cut once.” This old Russian proverb suits nearly any field, but none quite as well as the fields of structural engineering and architectural design. A reliable structure is critical not just to minimizing the hefty costs associated with construction and structural repairs, but also to ensuring the safety of everyone inside. That’s why we at Wharry Engineering employ our own complete team of engineers, architects, designers, and technicians. All that experience, however, doesn’t do much good for you without an overview of the services we provide. That’s why, in today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing some of our services and how they save you money. Specifically, we’ll be taking a looking at our services in construction project management, construction observation, and restoration.

Hands-On Construction Project Management

If you’re looking to get the job done right the first time, then we can provide nearly any construction management or architectural design solution you might require. Our architectural design is tried-and-true, having been put to the test through decades of combined experience. Our team carries a thorough knowledge of building codes and stipulations, and will seamlessly integrate all necessary codes into our design. Often, the best architecture is invisible. We seek to exceed the building codes for your construction with utmost invisibility, leaving as much room as possible for the design of the rest of the building to meet any need you may have.

Construction Observation for Guaranteed Quality

If you’ve already contracted a design and construction, then we also offer construction observation to grant peace of mind on any roof construction project. Though we have confidence in our peers, a second set of eyes on any project is nearly guaranteed to locate inefficiencies and cut costs. We’ll also make sure that the progress being made will achieve the goal you envisioned by comparing real-life changes to the reference material.

Building Restoration to Safeguard Occupants

If you have a building that needs restoration, rather than top-down construction, then rest assured that we at Wharry provide that service, as well. Whether you just purchased a building that needs restoration or you have a building that sustained damage through disaster or time, we’re capable of bringing nearly any building back from the brink.

Are you interested in maintaining the integrity of your home or business while also keeping costs at a low? If so, contact us here to schedule a consultation today.

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