Get Architectural Design Service for Your Next Construction Project


Wharry Engineering has offices in Battle Creek, MI and Dallas, TX where we can provide excellent architectural design services for projects of all scopes and sizes. For more than 40 years, we have worked with clients in a number of different businesses from small independent companies to larger international corporations. We have handled exterior renovations for older buildings or ground up construction for a new structure, giving our professionals the experience to handle your project with a strict attention to detail for long-term success. We take the time to work closely with our clients, so we are on the same page in terms of their aesthetic expectations and their logistical needs. We also make sure that the building will be in compliance with all local, state, and federal building codes, so you can be sure that your structure is ready for whatever purpose you need it for. In today’s post, we will discuss how Wharry Engineering can complete your construction project successfully.

Get Architecture for Increased Efficiency and Superior Quality

When it comes to a successful architectural design, the details are what make the difference between a good building and a spectacular building. There are several types of details, starting with zoning laws and building codes. One minor mistake with legalities, and you could be facing serious setbacks. We make sure zoning laws and codes are covered, which in turn will make all the logistics of the construction that much smoother. We also make sure to pay attention to the aesthetic details of the project, so the final product has a great look. Finally, we also make sure to keep things within your budget, as a project that is over budget just creates headaches for everyone involved.

We Proactively Address Issues

At Wharry Engineering, we have decades of experience during which we have dealt with issues of all sorts. This experience has given us the knowledge to address minor issues and come up with solutions before the minor issues become serious problems. This is why we check and double-check the project to ensure that we identify any of these issues before it’s far too late. This will not only save you a lot of time during the construction process, but you will also save money not having to pay for an expensive repair job.

Wharry Engineering is eager to hear about your next architectural project and get to work for you. Contact us and let us know about the project you have in mind today.

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